Knock! #4


We did take our time, but we are finally coming to you with another 212 pages of adventure gaming goodness!
You know the formula: no theme, all mean. Once again, we’ve cobbled together a bric-à-brac of game design insight, random tables, rules suggestions, monsters, classes, maps, adventures… the lot. We’ve also added a short series (12 pages) aimed at post-WotC meltdown 5E refugees (or just your friends who you’d like to bring over to the adventure gaming side of the divide).

• Contributors: Antoine Bauza, Arnold K, Augury Ignored, Ben Milton, Ben Robbins, Chance Dudinak  Chris McDowall, Dan Masters, Daniel Norton, Danilo Moretti, E. A. “taichara” Bisson, Eero Tuovinen, Eric Nieudan, Evlyn Moreau, Glenn Robinson, Glynn Seal, Graphite Prime, Grégory Privat, Idiomdrottning, Islayre d’Argohl, James Holloway, James V West, Jens Turesson, John Bell, John Ben Heinl, Joseph Manola, Josh McCrowell, Kelsey Dionne, Letty Wilson, Lex Mandrake, Martin Orchard, Morgan Miller, Nate Treme, Nobboc, Numbered Work, Luke Stratton Limithron, Pierre Vagneur-Jones, Roger SG Sorolla, Rosie Grey, Skerples, Vagabundork, Warren Denning, and Zedeck Siew.
• Artists: Alexander Moore, Bertdrawstuff, Evlyn Moreau, Florent Sacre, François Maumont, Glynn Seal, James V. West, Keny Widjaja, Letty Wilson, Li-An, Limithron, Lukasz Piwiñski, Matt Houston, Michael Sheppard, Nate Treme, Numbered Work, and Rackham le Roux.

• Format: 212 pages (A5 format:  5.9’ x 8.25’, slightly bigger than digest size) in beautiful full colour, printed on quality paper (coated 130 gr, with a cover on coated 300 gr) by Olivier’s neighbours in Bilbo (sic), Basque country. The dust jacket contains a sandbox adventure by Thomas Rey and Eric Nieudan and the bookmark has a die-drop table for weird character backgrounds byPhill Loe.

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