Nightmare Over Ragged Hollow


The Merry Mushmen’s first adventure module!*

A new, expanded, OSR-ised, prettified edition of Joseph R. Lewis’ Ragged Hollow Nightmare which was rated among The Best by Bryce Lynch of Tenfootpole. Joseph Lewis hit a perfect balance between the classics of dungeonverse fantasy and the whimsy of the folk tales we love so much (as testified by the Folklore Bestiary we released last year), adding a dash of dreamworld strangeness and a pinch of body horror to spice up his brew. We did our best to respect his recipe when adding our extra material (about 30 pages of it).

We worked with Joe and Li-An (the perfect artist to give life to spooky Ragged Hollow and its strange surroundings) to make the best module we could: a solid introduction to old-school gaming for both players and gamemasters. And for the veterans among us, it also makes an excellent, full-fledged campaign starter.

Nightmare over Ragged Hollow is a sandbox adventure centred around a quaint town at the edge of the kingdom. But however quiet life in Ragged Hollow is, the town lies between places where you shouldn’t be traveling alone. Places like Gloam Wood (“A witch or two lurk there!”), the Bleak Mountains (“I’m told there are bugbears…”) and their infamous Mount Mourn (“Home, they say, to cursed Dwarven ruins”), not to forget the Wailing Hills (“Bandits on every road!”). There’s even a haunted house by the river (“That mad inventor riddled it with traps!”). But only when an impenetrable dome of golden light materialises around the Temple of Halcyon (“Hey, my kids go to school there!”) do things really get out of hand. Some selfless heroes (or, failing that, a bunch of greedy ne’er-do-wells) should really get involved.

  • One town with three adventure mini-sites
  • Three small dungeons
  • One 50-room dungeon
  • Three hexes with 16 detailed locations
  • Two groups of potential allies or rivals
  • Sixteen pre-generated characters
  • One deadly countdown!

System: Old-School Essentials. Easily adaptable to old rules of D&d, retroclones, and post-OSR games.
Play time: 4 to 10 sessions, but we bet your party will come back to Ragged Hollow later in their careers!
Format: 80 pages, staple-bound, printed in duotone. A5 format (5.9’ x 8.25’, slightly bigger than digest size). And A DETACHABLE SCREEN for cover!

* And as it was a resounding success on Kickstarter, we’ll be making more. Follow us on your socials or sign up for our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss them!

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