The Chaos Crier #0


Unlocked as a secret* stretch goal during the crowdfunding campaign for Black Sword Hack, here comes the preview issue of our bi-annual** Sword & Sorcery*** zine, The Chaos Crier.

This issue zero comes with a somewhat smaller sample (28 pages, A5 format) of what the Chaos Crier will be: an assemblage of ideas, a collection of curios for TBH and any Sword & Sorcery adventure game. Sort of a mini-KNOCK!, if you will.


  • A Sky Full of Swords, an adventure about iron falling from the sky and the people who would kill for it. Get rich or get dead!
  • The Sons of Dagon, a new monster and a major threat.
  • The Black Sun of the Deep, a faction to help destroy your game world.
  • The Darkness over Nijmauwrgen, a gloomy city full of adventure, where the Black Sun of the Deep is hatching a somber plot.
  • Tales of the Dull Lotus, a one-page comic exemplifying what runic weapons are about.

* Actually, we kind of decided on the spot, but don’t tell anyone.

** Semi-periodicity guaranteed under the vaguest of terms

*** I believe the technical term Sword & Sorcery & Space & Scary Shit & Sundry.

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