The Horrendous Hounds of Hendenburgh


New adventure module!

A new, expanded, OSR-ised, prettified edition of Liam Pádraig Ó Cuilleanáin’ Hounds of Hendenburgh which was rated among The Best by Bryce Lynch of Tenfootpole.
Pity the villagers of Hendenburgh! The Kryptwood, where they have lived for centuries, is now haunted by murderous demon hounds. No one dares venture into the forest at night, but surely someone will have to find out where these horrendous creatures came from, or Hendenburgh is surely doomed!

This adventure is an ideal follow-up to Nightmare Over Ragged Hollow: another town to help, another mystery to solve, and more dangerous territory to explore in search of treasure. With roots firmly growing from the horror genre (of the folk variety this time), this new module is close in tone to its predecessor: many of the meandering paths of the Kryptwood will lead your players to whimsical situations borrowed from fairy tales.
The 72-page booklet describes Hendenburgh and just enough of its inhabitants to offer clues, rumours, and rewards to lure the party into the Kryptwood. The forest covers 48 hexes (twice as many as in the original edition), half of which are keyed with locations featuring NPCs, monsters, discoveries… There’s even a faerie inn! Your players will have the opportunity to explore three dungeons: the Infested Silver Mine, the Ancient Villa, and the pièce de resistance: the Tomb of the Kryptwood Tyrant. The first two dungeons are exclusive to this edition, and the Tomb has doubled in size since the first version.
We rounded up the adventure with NPCs and magical items cheat sheets, as well as a slew of 1st level characters, should anyone die a horrible death in the Kryptwood…

System: Old-School Essentials. Easily adaptable to old rules of D&d, retroclones, and post-OSR games.
Play time: 4 to 10 sessions, but we bet your party will come back to Ragged Hollow later in their careers!
Format: 72 pages, staple-bound, printed in duotone. A5 format (5.9’ x 8.25’, slightly bigger than digest size). And A DETACHABLE SCREEN for cover!
Artist: Bruno Prosaiko

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