Are you an adventure games/OSR writer or artist? Would you like to be one?  We at KNOCK! Mag love everything about the culture of old+new school roleplaying games. We are nostalgic and curious about our games’ past, and we are even more enthusiastic about their future. And the future of the OSR doesn’t belong exclusively to pasty skinned, cishet Euro-beardos like us. We will accept contributions from anyone, and we really want to welcome people from underrepresented minorities. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are a BIMPOC and/or a LGBTQ+ person. We also need more fem identifying contributors. And also folx under 30. We won’t turn anyone away*, so please submit whether you’re a newbie, an old hand, or a goblin from cave D. Write to knockmag [hat] pm [doubt] me:
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I just finished the last Ken Follett's book (not that good btw) and wanted a medieval monk character class (for B/X, OSE etc.). That's a first try (not finished, not edited). It should be playtested next week in the Midderlands. I think I will add a couple of "miracles". Suggestions welcome!

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1600 backers! That's much more than what we expected. Merci beaucoup.

You merry backers will receive the pdf in very few days. And the Physical book should start to ship around 15th January. THANK YOU!

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Everything is under control! Our printer (located in basque country, just close to home) is now at work. We should receive the first page proof in few days... Read more

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By Eric Nieudan This month, I’m helping run my first Kickstarter campaign ever. We are crowdfunding the first issue of KNOCK! magazine, a publication we have exhaustively dubbed an Adventure Gaming Bric-a-Brac and a Compendium of Miscellanea for Old School RPGs. It’s a bazaar of the OSR if you like. Not a news periodical (who needs printed news for a niche hobby these days?) but a thick, colourful brick stock full of ideas you will want to keep close by for perusing, daydreaming, and prepping your next session. Where did the idea come from? Well, it came from Urt, a village in the Basque mountains. That’s where the email I got came from, about two years ago. I had met Olivier circa 2001 in Paris, in the offices of Hexagonal, when he was laying out their gaming magazine, d20. Soon after... Read more

Well people, we did cast that knock spell on the door to success!

Thanks to you, everyone will get a dust cover and Russtastic bookmark along with their copy of our first issue, AND the team and contributors will get a pay raise. We had these three stretch goals lined up, hoping we would manage to reach them all in a month... It took less than 36 hours. This is just amazing. The Kickstarter grognards among you must be expecting a few more goodies in the next weeks, if only to keep the buzz alive. Well, we hope this won't be too much of a disappointment, but there won't be any more stretch goals. Two reasons for this: One, stuffing the envelopes any more would increase the shipping cost, and we don't want to take that risk, especially not at a time when international shipping costs can be... Read more

Hi KNOCK! backers*, We've been having a great week, watching the enthusiasm about our little project grow. We're barely half way through the campaign and the thousand backers mark is within reach. Incroyable! 🥖 On our side, things are progressing apace. We are waiting on a proof copy from the printer. Olivier will be combing it through for layout mistakes, colour corrections, and the odd rogue typo. Once that is done, we'll be 100% ready to go to print.

A video tribute to a legend Olivier has declared his nerd love to an important figure of the French RPG scene. At the very beginning of our hobby, Didier Guiserix was instrumental in sharing it via the magazine he edited and illustrated, Casus Belli. Forty years on, Didier is still making games. Watch the video to learn more about... Read more