Raiding the Obsidian Keep


New adventure module!

A new, expanded, OSR-ised, prettified edition of Joseph R. Lewis’ The Obsidian Keep which was rated among The Best by Bryce Lynch of Tenfootpole.
If you have read Nightmare Over Ragged Hollow and think you know Joseph R. Lewis’ adventure style, you may have to reconsider. Raiding the Obsidian Keep is a full-on dark fantasy romp across a war-torn seascape in search of a cursed fortress.

Sailing to Isla Requia any old day would be a risky proposition. After all, there has to be a reason why the Archbishop of Radiant Vitela has declared the Duke and Duchess ruling the island sorcerers and heretics. But travelling just after Radiant Vitela sent a fleet to overthrow the lords of Isla Requia… probably not a good idea. Whatever dark magics were unleashed during the assault left chaotic scars across the island and changed its inhabitants. Only good news is, so much chaos should make it easier to get in. What hides within the Obsidian Keep’s lightning-stricken walls however may make the most hardened of adventurers flee for their lives.

To reach the Keep, your adventurers will pointcrawl their way across the Harbour of Death (10 locations) and Survivor Beach (13 locations), gathering information about what happened and clues to help them once inside. The Keep’s Grounds (13 locations) will give them one last chance to turn back and invest whatever treasure they found into turnip farming, somewhere preferably far, far away. But if they choose to proceed, they will have to climb through all four levels of the 55-room building so they maybe can seize their chance to put an end to the horrors of the Obsidian Keep.

The book’s last four pages contain references to the magical items and factions presented in the book, as well as a spread detailing 16 retainers or replacement adventurers. You wouldn’t want to let a vulgrane abduction stop your raiding, right?

System: Old-School Essentials. Easily adaptable to old rules of D&d, retroclones, and post-OSR games.
Play time: 4 to 10 sessions, but we bet your party will come back to Ragged Hollow later in their careers!
Format: 72 pages, staple-bound, printed in duotone. A5 format (5.9’ x 8.25’, slightly bigger than digest size). And A DETACHABLE SCREEN for cover!

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