Guiserix and Us

Hi KNOCK! backers*,

We’ve been having a great week, watching the enthusiasm about our little project grow. We’re barely half way through the campaign and the thousand backers mark is within reach. Incroyable! 🥖

On our side, things are progressing apace. We are waiting on a proof copy from the printer. Olivier will be combing it through for layout mistakes, colour corrections, and the odd rogue typo. Once that is done, we’ll be 100% ready to go to print.

A video tribute to a legend
Olivier has declared his nerd love to an important figure of the French RPG scene. At the very beginning of our hobby, Didier Guiserix was instrumental in sharing it via the magazine he edited and illustrated, Casus Belli.
Forty years on, Didier is still making games. Watch the video to learn more about this illustrator-slash-designer-slash-legend, and see some of his iconic work.

Thanks again for supporting us!

* I’m thinking there should be an official title for KNOCK! supporters. Knocksters? Knockamajigs? Knockettes? Sound off in the comments. 

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