12.14 - 2022

BLACK SWORD HACK, Ultimate Chaos Edition – Now on Kickstarter!

We’re ready, people. The new and improved edition of Kobayashi’s sword and sorcery RPG, Black Sword Hack, is ready to go on Kickstarter!
Black Sword Hack has been out for a couple of years on DTRPG, where it is a Platinum bestseller. It’s a game we love so much we asked Kobayashi to work with us on an extended, pimped to the max incarnation. The full-colour hardback book will be 110 pages (vs 75 for the first edition), and is filled with art by Goran Gligović. Here are some samples:

In Black Sword Hack, you’ll play doomed princes, escaped gladiators, and powerful sorceresses fighting their way through the end times. Will you choose a side in the struggle between Law and Chaos, or will you try and find a way out?

Inspired by authors of the age of classic fantasy, such as Jack Vance, Michael Moorcock, or Fritz Leiber, Black Sword Hack has rules for creating heroes armed with dark powers, as well as a dying world full of peril and wonder. It evolves from David’s Black The Black Hack, introducing backgrounds instead of classes, and six different types of magical or weird powers.

You can learn more on the campaign page for Black Sword Hack, Ultimate Chaos Edition. We hope you back the Merry Mushmen’s first full-fledged RPG!


  1. Mark Dyson
    12.14 - 2022

    The Kickstarter links on this page don’t seem to work.

  2. Olivier
    12.14 - 2022

    Thank you! I fixed it.

  3. Gianfranco Bux
    03.09 - 2023

    Is there any Discord server?

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