01.05 - 2023

More Chaos for your coin!

Hi, and happy new year!
Congratulations, everyone! Our Kickstarter Campaign for Black Sword Hack reached a secret stretch goal. Okay, not really. But still, you’re getting something extra with your copy or copies of Black Sword Hack. This little something will be issue zero of The Chaos Crier! (The Chaos Crier will be a short  zine that we’ll release aperiodically with content for BSH and other sword & sorcery games.)
Issue #0 is free on Kickstarter, for sale on our website after that!
Work in progress cover:


  1. Zuesy
    01.05 - 2023

    That’s a cool cover! Art and aesthetic are top notch!!

  2. wmarshal
    01.05 - 2023

    Love the art. The MbH mark is a bit humorous given the subject matter of the material.

  3. SnorriHT
    01.05 - 2023

    Approved by the Dark Sorcerers Authority made me laugh! xD

  4. djflippy
    01.06 - 2023


  5. Matt B
    01.07 - 2023

    Amazing art! Can’t wait to see the contents!

  6. David Farnsworth
    03.01 - 2023

    Beautiful looking cover and great to see ‘BSH’ is going to be supported.

  7. David Finch
    04.08 - 2023

    Cool. When’s this hitting the website? (I missed the KS, poop)

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