10.28 - 2022


In case you missed it… A very nice interview of Eric (the bearded mushmen) by Dieku Games.
We can only encourage you to look at the other interviews of Garry Snow. Cool people, super good vibes, and interesting discussions. A really cool and inspiring  YT channel.

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10.27 - 2022


Aaaand we’re doing it again!

A lot of backers of issue 3 have asked for it, so we caved. Again. We have ordered a print run of 1,000 copies of issue 1 of KNOCK! (the third reprint, and who knows, maybe the last one this time?).
The issue is now printing. You can pre-order it  on our new and updated shop .
Also, a reminder that the best way not to miss reprints and new projects is to sign up for our newsletter .



It’s done!

All the files are at our printer in Bilbao, in the heart of the Basque Country. We will receive the first proofs in a few days for validation. If the Tartaros and the Basajauns let the convoys cross our still wild Pyrenees, and if the Serpent of Isaby doesn’t cause an earthquake, the precious grimoires should be in our hands around November 14th. The shipments will start immediately.
If by any misfortune you didn’t participate to our Kickstarter campaign, don’t despair! You can still pre-order your copy here for the OSE version, and here for the 5E version.


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02.09 - 2021


Are you an adventure games/OSR writer or artist? Would you like to be one?
We at KNOCK! Mag love everything about the culture of old+new school roleplaying games. We are nostalgic and curious about our games’ past, and we are even more enthusiastic about their future. And the future of the OSR doesn’t belong exclusively to pasty skinned, cishet Euro-beardos like us.
We will accept contributions from anyone, and we really want to welcome people from underrepresented minorities. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are a BIMPOC and/or a LGBTQ+ person. We also need more fem identifying contributors. And also folx under 30.
We won’t turn anyone away*, so please submit whether you’re a newbie, an old hand, or a goblin from cave D.
Write to knockmag [hat] pm [doubt] me:

  • If you have a blog, send us the links of a couple articles or art pieces you think we’d like.
  • If you don’t have a blog or online portfolio, it’s okay to send us attachments.
  • And if you’ve never published anything before, we will do our best to help you shape your work.

tl;dr: If you enjoy the same weirdgonzo stuff we do, we want you to hop aboard with us. Have a look at the bottom of this page for a browse of our first issue to get a better idea of what we like.
— Eric and Olivier, the merry mushmen

* Unless you’re into hate speech or -isms, in which case don’t even bother.

By Gustave Doré


02.06 - 2021

The Questing Beast on Knock!

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