02.06 - 2021

The Questing Beast on Knock!

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01.01 - 2021

Errant Friar Character Class (Work in Progress)

I just finished the last Ken Follett’s book (not that good btw) and wanted a medieval monk character class (for B/X, OSE etc.).
That’s a first try (not finished, not edited). It should be playtested next week in the Midderlands.
I think I will add a couple of “miracles”. Suggestions welcome!

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12.29 - 2020


1600 backers! That’s much more than what we expected. Merci beaucoup.

You merry backers will receive the pdf in very few days. And the Physical book should start to ship around 15th January.


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We’re at the printer!

Everything is under control! Our printer (located in basque country, just close to home) is now at work. We should receive the first page proof in few days…

Cover demons
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Chris McDowall on Knock! (video)

Thank you Chris!

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