Knock! #1


It took us two years from the initial email, but we did it! We gathered some of the most respected, most creative, and possibly weirdest minds of the old school roleplaying scene and compiled some of their best work to make this thick magazine.
We made KNOCK! the messy, stuffed to the gills bric-à-brac we wanted. The book that earns its place on the easy-to-reach part of your gaming shelves. Wed hope you will peruse it whenever you are in need of inspiration, whether you are prepping a session or pressed for an answer at the table!
This first issue surprised us with its success on Kickstarter in December 2020 (1,600 backers!). We had to reprint it three times since then.

• Ben Milton on Questing Beast: video.  • Chris McDowall of Bastionland: video.   • Pookie of Reviews from R”leyh: blog   •.Talkin’ Knock: podcast

Contributors: Emmy Allen, Benjamin Baugh, Joe Brogzin, Caleb Burks, Brooks Dailey, Nicolas Dessaux, Paolo Greco,  James Holloway, Anthony Huso, Arnold K, Ethan Lefevre, Gabor Lux, Bryce Lynch, Fiona Maeve Geist, Chris McDowall, Ben Milton, Eric Nieudan, Gavin Norman, Patrick Ollson, Graphite Prime, Olivier ‘Nobboc’ ‘Revenu, Stuart Robertson, Jack Shear, Jason Sholtis, Skullfungus, Sean Stone, Chris Tamm, Daniel Sell, and Vagabundork.
Artists: Ivan Caceres, Didier Guiserix, Matthew Houston, Christophe Johnston, Li-An, Dyson Logos, Evlyn M, Tim Molloy, Luka Rejec, Michael Sheppard, Jason Sholtis, Dan Spencer, and Niklas Wistedt. Cover by Tim Molloy.
Format: This first issue is 212 pages (A5 format, slightly bigger than digest size: 5.9’ x 8.25’) in beautiful full colour, printed on quality paper (coated 130 gr, with a cover on coated 300 gr). It comes with a bookmark illustrated by Russ Nicholson and a dust jacket containing a full adventure by Nobboc!

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