Knock! #3


And here is another 212 pages full of adventure gaming goodness from every h(osr)rizon. Issue the Third is yet another thick, slick brick of that magical brew of old and new across the spectrum of our common interests: game design essays, refereeing advice and procedures, weird AF encounters and NPCs, a mini-game or two, and of course a helmetload of random tables for all sorts of uses. The Portfolio of Cartographic Curiosities section contains seven maps, the Menagerie of Monstrosities is creaking under the weight of seven unique monsters, and the Retinue of Rogues presents six new classes for your classic deehendee.
Maybe more importantly, the ratio of nearly-forgotten blog posts to original or revisited content is more even this time. You’ll even get to read people who don’t blog!
This issue was backed on Kickstarter by nearly 3,000 gamers in February 2022.

• Ben Milton on Questing Beast: video.  • Vieux Geek: video.   • Geek Gamers: video. • Pookie on Reviews from R’lyeh: blog.  •

• Contributors: Alexandre ‘Kobayashi’ Jeanette – Andrea ‘Vyrelion’ Back – Antoine Bauza – Arnold K. – Ava Islam – Bill Edmunds – Brent Edwards – Christopher S. – Ciro Alessandro Sacco – Danilo Moretti – David McGrogan – Diogo Nogueira – E. A. “taichara” Bisson – Eric Brimstin – Eric Nieudan – Frank Reding – Harbowoputra – Islayre d’Argolh – Jack Shear – James Hall – James Holloway – James Malizsewski – Jason Sholtis – Jean Verne – John Grümph – Jorge Velasquez – Joseph Manola – Justin Hamilton – ktrey parker – Matt Strom – Nicolas Dessaux – Nobboc – Nyhur – Paolo Greco – Phill Loe – Pierre Vagneur-Jones – Roger SG Sorolla – Ron E. Ortiz – Rosie Grey – Stuart Robertson – Thomas Rey – Vagabundork – Vasili Kaliman – Zach Howard aka Zenopus.
• Artists: Bertdrawstuff – Didier Balicevic – Dylan Horrocks – Evlyn Moreau – Goran Gligovic –  James Hall – Jason Sholtis – Javier Prado – Jean Verne – John Grümph – Gustav Sokol – Li-An – Matt Houston – Michael Sheppard – Nate Treme – Rackham le Roux – Rob Mathews – Sam Mameli – Stuart Robertson – Thomas Rey – Tikokh – Zhu Bajiee – cover by Bruno Prosaiko.

• Format: 212 pages (A5 format:  5.9’ x 8.25’, slightly bigger than digest size) in beautiful full colour, printed on quality paper (coated 130 gr, with a cover on coated 300 gr) by Olivier’s neighbours in Bilbo (sic), Basque country. The dust jacket contains a sandbox adventure by Thomas Rey and Eric Nieudan and the bookmark has a die-drop table for weird character backgrounds byPhill Loe.

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