Knock! #2


Following the success of our first issue, we put this new offering on Kickstarter and united over 2,700 backers behind our ptoject in June 2021.

Again, we asked adventure gaming luminaries to share some of their most impactful work. We also accepted submissions of new material from a wide array of designers, old grognards as well as newcomers to the scene.
Everything was tightly and stylishly packed into an even thicker tome of OSR goodness that is a pleasure to read by the fire, as well as a useful addition to your refereeing toolkit. It is filled with that old-school-slash-adventure-gaming unique flavour: thoughts about system and substance, useful rules and procedures, random tables and lists, pages of maps, six new classes, nine new monsters, and four complete adventures.

• Ben Milton on Questing Beast: video.  • Vieux Geek: video.   • Geek Gamers: video. • Pookie on Reviews from R’lyeh: blog.  • Talkin’ Knock: podcast.

• Contributors: Adam Bloomfield, Adrian Hammer,  Andrea “Vyrelion” Back, Andrew Duvall, Anne Hunter, Arnold K, Brent Edwards, Cacklecharm, Caleb Burks, Charles Wells, Chris McDowall, Chris Tamm, Danilo Moretti, David McGrogan, Diogo Nogueira, Dyson Logos, E. A. “taichara” Bisson, Emiel Boven, Emmy Allen, Eric Nieudan, Gabor Lux, Gavin Norman, Graphite Prime, Gus L, Gustav Sokol, Iko, Islayre d’Argolh, Jack Shear, James Holloway, James Maliszewski, Josh McCrowell, Kezie Gracie, Kobayashi, ktrey parker, Leander Elwischger, Matt Strom, Nicolas Dessaux, Nobboc, Paolo Greco, Perplexing Ruins, Phill Loe, Sándor Gebei, Sarah Grove, Sean Stone, Simon Feser, Skullfungus, Stefan Mijucic, Stuart Robertson, Trollsmyth, Vagabundork, Warren Denning, W.F. Smith, Zedeck Siew.
• Artists: Didier Balicevic, Dylan Horrocks, Dyson Logos, Evlyn Moreau, Eric Svetoft, Goran Gligović, Graphite Prime, Huargo Illustrador, Ivan Caceres, Jason Sholtis, Jason Higgins, Javier Prado, Letty Wilson, Li-An, Luigi Castellani, Michael Sheppard, P. Perret, Sam Mameli, Tim Molloy, Vladimir Chebakov, Zhu Bajiee. Cover by Tim Molloy.

• Format: This second issue is 224 pages (A5 format: 5.9’ x 8.25’, slightly bigger than digest size) in beautiful full colour, printed on quality paper (coated 130 gr, with a cover on coated 300 gr). The bookmark has paper minis by Sean and Deanna Pope and the dust jacket contains a micro setting by Gabor Lux.

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